Sean McCarthy

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Sean Patrick McCarthy is the founder, front man, and lead vocalist of southern coastal group Sean McCarthy Band. In addition to being the founding member of Sean McCarthy Band, McCarthy is also credited as a songwriter, producer and record label head.

Davis Turner

Acoustic, Electric & Vocals

Turner bought his first guitar from a neighborhood kid. It was a Silvertone Acoustic from Sears painted with peace signs, It was “a real piece of crap with the worst action and it hurt my hands,” Turner recounts. With the help of his mom, he advanced to a brand new Gibson Explorer, a Fender Twin amp, and an MX Bar Muff Fuzz. Davis says, “I thought I was Jimi Hendrix at the time, it was just so cool! I had all this cool gear, but I couldn’t play worth a crap.”

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Olin "Hotshot" Carter

Pedal Steel

Where did the nickname “Hotshot” come from? “When I was a baby I got very sick and was in the hospital with an extremely high fever. My dad said, “man that kid is a little Hotshot” and the name just kind of stuck. When asked if “Hotshot” is also indicative how he plays pedal steel guitar, he promptly and humbly answered, “no.” Almost immediately, from the peanut gallery, Sean McCarthy interjects, “Oh yeah he is, he is one HOT steel player. He’s the hottest steel player on Holly Drive!” Hotshot comments, “I’m also the ONLY steel player on Holly Drive, so the competition is incredibly fierce!”

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Ernie Ealum

Bass & Vocals

Ealum began playing violin at the age of 10 and took on the upright bass at 14. Despite not being tall enough to play upright bass, he was drawn to it instrument and determined to make it work. Ernie studied music in his youth and continued his studies throughout college. He spent two years majoring in music at the University of Florida and later transferred to Jacksonville University where he graduated with a degree in Music Performance.

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Marcus Carter

Rhythm, Lead Guitar, Acoustic & Electric

Carter grew up watching his father play and picked up a guitar at the age of 12. He has been performing along side Sean McCarthy for nearly two decades.

Carter looks up to his father as his musical inspiration along with influences such as record breaking artist, Garth Brooks.  When Carter was younger he wanted to be just like Brooks and insisted on getting the “Garth Brooks” shaped hat when his parents took him to get a cowboy hat.

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Daniel Daly


Upon a first attempt to enroll in the local music school, Daly was told there was a 6 year waiting period. Unsatisfied with this response, he took matters into his own hands. He walked into The Essex Teachers Training Center and asked questions which eventually led him to the Director of Musical Education’s office. Daly walked in unannounced and made his case on why he couldn’t wait 6 years to begin training. The following Monday, Daniel was delivered an acceptance letter to The Triton School of Music in Essex, England.

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